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Odun Ifa Exhibition 2023

The Art presented in this years Odun Ifa 2023 exhibition are an eclectic mix of art from talented artists presenting the essence of Ifa / Orunmila in practice, belief, culture and lifestyle, including the Orisa’s associated with Ifa such as Orisa Ibeji and Orisa Esu in his multidimensional forms and energies.
Odun Ifa 2023 is also the beginning of the Yoruba traditional new year where readings and messages are given in order for adherents and practitioners to live a peaceful, prosperous and fulfilled life in the knowledge and understanding that Ifa is not only the witness of all destinies but also the voice of Olodumare.
Eku Odun Ifa 2023 Ifa a gbe wa Ase.


The exhibition was curated by Yoruba Gallery