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Abiola Oladotun

Abiola Oladotun is a contemporary Nigerian expressionist painter and an illustrator, whose work spark evocation, curiosity, emotion, and inquiry; and could be best described as avant-garde. Cartoonish and kitsch, the artist’s paintings are characterized by ‘strong’ and mature draughtsmanship, reflective and suggestive of The New York School.
Born in Ibadan, Abiola Oladotun is said to love the freedom of interpretation, exploring different media and a sense of peace during creative processes. His working process include quick application of colour strokes to his somewhat animated drawings to give a illustrative effect to his work
Oladotun holds a B.A. in painting from the Creative Art department, University of Lagos. He has participated in a handful of shows that include “Tales of 1000 Miniature” art fair, Art X Fair, and the Art House Contemporary Auction.

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