Upcoming Exhibition

Odun Ifa 2022

Dates: 1st – 15th June 2022
Celebrating the annual world Ifa Festival
Curated by Yoruba Gallery

Past Exhibitions

Orisa Ori Exhibition

The exhibition is inspired by Orisa Ori. A prime Yoruba Orisa (Deity) who governs the destiny of every individual according to Yoruba Culture. This exhibition explores the various forms of Ori veneration through a mixed range of art mediums.

Yoruba tradition believes Ori is an individual’s first and most important Orisa. Ori is symbolically our physical human head but in spiritual terms, it is means a portion of the inner soul that determines one’s destiny and life journey.


Odun Ifa Exhibition 2020

Featuring ’16 pieces of Odu IFA’ representing the 16 major Odu’s from the holy corpus of Odu Ifa in celebration of the annual world Ifa Festival.

Odun Ifa Traditional belief is based on the worship of a supreme being called Olodumare (The creator of the universe) and various deities known as Orisa’s and Irunmole’s.